Cognitive Science (Kognitionsvidenskab)

Aarhus Universitet
24., 25. og 26. februar 2022

Learn about the mind and how to investigate it!

Cognitive Science is the study of the human mind and how it shapes and is shaped by our experiences and interactions. In the Cognitive Science program, you will learn about the basic cognitive processes underlying our conscious and unconscious perceptions and actions, how we make decisions, and how we use language to communicate and interact socially with others. 

As a student of Cognitive Science, you will be introduced to foundational theories of cognition, and you will learn how design and carry out your own investigations of the human mind, the brain, and human behavior. The study program includes introductions to experimental design and statistics, cognitive neuroscience, consciousness, and cognitive approaches to communication and culture. The program is taught in English to promote an international study environment, and to prepare you for the international job market

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Come to u-days at cognitive science to find out if it would be a good fit for you. You will meet the student counselor, the head of department, a teacher and some of the current students and you will get a chance to find out what studying cognitive science at AU in tales. See the program for more details.

Meet the education - what does it mean to study Cognitive Science?

Student counselor Josephine Sørensen Brunsgaard will give you an overview of what Cognitive Science is, what Cognitive Science students study and how. You will also hear about the structure of and possibilities in the degree program, as well as learn what the admission requirements are.

Career prospects

Head of Department Joshua Skewes will tell you about some of the career perspectives with a degree in Cognitive Science.

Mini lecture

Assistant Professor Kristian Tylén will give a mini lecture on a topic within the field of Cognitive Science to give you an impression of one of the topics, which the Cognitive Science Program covers.


In this break you are encouraged to consider what questions you may have to students, who are studying Cognitive Science at Aarhus University.

Presentation of exam projects and panel debate

Some current students at the Cognitive Science Bachelor Program will be sharing their exam projects, the process and their experiences. They will also be available for a panel debate afterwards where you can ask all the questions you may still have concerning the program and the university life. This is a chance to get some insight knowledge from different students’ perspectives.

Torsdag eftermiddag
Online præsentation af uddannelsen

Mød os online torsdag den 24. februar kl. 16.15-17.00. Her kan du høre en live præsentation af uddannelsen og få svar på alle dine spørgsmål.

Du finder også programmet og link til online live session torsdag på fagsiden her:

Uddannelsesmesse på Aarhus Universitet

Lørdag d. 26. februar fra kl. 9.00 til 15.00 har du mulighed for at deltage i en stor u-days uddannelsesmesse på Aarhus Universitet.

Links til program og online oplæg finder du på


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Mail: Studievejleder.norlics|


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Præsentation af uddannelsen
24. februar 2022
Kl. 13:00–16:00
Aarhus Universitet, Nobelparken
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 2
8000 Aarhus C
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Præsentation af uddannelsen
24. februar 2022
Kl. 16:15–17:00
Link til online event
26. februar 2022
Kl. 09:00–15:00
Aarhus Universitet
Bartholins Allé 3
8000 Aarhus C
Bygning: Søauditorierne
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