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22., 23. og 24. februar 2024

Choose an Education where You can Make a Difference

The world needs new leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are driven by a desire to disrupt status quo - become a Kaospilot...

Embark on this three-year learning journey and work on projects that matter. Not only for you, but for the world as well. You will learn entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, develop yourself as a leader, and discover your direction and career path.

The Enterprising Leadership program is a reality-based education where you work with real people and real challenges in the world around us. It is a team-based education where you will learn and work in collaboration with your peers in a dynamic environment. During your education you will develop a portfolio of projects, gain relevant skills, solid work experience and a network for your future - meaning that you are work-ready before you graduate.

Program Content
You will acquire the right theory and tools to apply in practice in your work for real organisations. The program content will enable you to further qualify your work and we offer a unique combination of Business Design, Process Design and Project Design for you to master together and separately.

Business Design:

Create multiple layers of value for your customers and stakeholders and learn how innovation contributes to developing businesses on a commercial level.

Process Design:

Learn ways of designing, facilitating and leading processes in divers groups, which fosters collaboration and support, in order to create better results.

Project Design:

Learn how to creatively organise, manage and lead projects of different sizes and outcomes, all whilst acquiring a toolbox for leading projects effectively.

Enterprising Leadership:

Develop yourself and gain the confidence to truly make a difference in the world, whilst creating a solid foundation for your personal leadership practise.

Facts about the Enterprising Leadership Program:

  • Location: Aarhus
  • Language of Program: English
  • Program Duration: 3 years (full time), including a semester abroad
  • Work: Project-based work around the world
  • Students admitted: 35 students each year
  • Government grants: This program is eligible for SU

What is a Kaospilot?

A Kaospilot is a graduate of the 3-year Enterprising Leadership Education. A Kaospilot is a profession in its own right. It is a person who drives results and creates transformation and who can best be described as a change maker, an entrepreneur and a leader.

Kaospilots are people who can creatively lead a project through uncertainty and complexity. It is a person who often cares more about creating meaningful change in an organisation, as individuals, they possess crucial skills within project management, process leadership and business development, which make them masters at leading and driving team forward in a project, especially during challenging and uncertain times.

A Kaospilot is trained to work across disciplines and in different industries and sectors, using their widely varying knowledge sets, abilities and competencies to make a lasting and positive difference. Some Kaospilots work in corporations, civil organisations, government agencies or the cultural sector. Others create their own start-up, social enterprise or work on large scale projects.

A Kaospilot is trained to work across disciplines and fields and is capable of combining and integrating widely varying knowledge sets, abilities and competencies. There are many paths and opportunities for a Kaospilot.

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Visit Us and Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about the Enterprising Leadership Program, come and visit us during one of our u-days sessions.

The workshops will be available in-person.

Friday February 23rd 2024:

09.00-11.00 and 13.00-15.00

Join one of the above mentioned sessions and receive more information about the school and the education, experience a workshop and get to ask questions to students or staff. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and is designed and organised by the students and will reflect the everyday life at the school. All sessions are in English.

It will be informative AND FUN! We're looking forward to meeting you.

You can follow us here, and get more information about these on- and offline events.

Read our brochure about the 3-year program


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